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Delight In Disorder is a Belgian trip hop/rock project, born from the compositions of Philippe Delhaye. DID's aesthetic is sometimes introspective, mysterious and gentle, and sometimes efficient and dynamic. This project aims to explore a wide range of emotions, sensations and textures. Our main inspirations are Massive Attack, Archive, David Bowie, Portishead or even Kate Bush.  The idea is to offer a worked, elaborate pop/rock music, going off the beaten track and evolving in a new, particular sound universe, sometimes reminiscent of film music. The group was born from the ashes of the Trouble project led by Philippe Delhaye who notably opened for the French group Trust. Delight In Disorder is a balance between musical training and electronic sounds. The group is made up of five musicians: Sophia Haze on vocals, Grégory Furet on guitar, Philippe Delhaye on keyboards, Laurent Soulasse on bass and Bastien Chauvon on drums.

Philippe is a Belgian keyboardist, composer and sound engineer. After studying at IAD, he founded Doctor Swing, a company working in marketing and advertising. Doctor Swing provided all sound services for radio, TV and cinema commercials; from sound effects to soundtrack creation, direction of actors, musical creation, mixing. He composed more than 350 songs and jingles there in just over 8 years. At the same time, he composes the music for the skins of the three RTBF TV channels and for Canal + Belgium. He also composed the official credits of Euro 2000 football organized by Belgium and Holland. Philippe creates Trouble, an electro Indie Rock group, of which he composes most of the titles. The adventure lasts 3 years, Trouble notably played at the Bataclan. He created the DiD project in 2019 a few years after Trouble disbanded.

Grégory Furet is a French guitarist-singer active in England since 1993, he founded the Breton funk rock band MEG with whom he remained for 14 years before leaving to play on cruise ships around the world. Greg will then move to South America where he will play with his Tall&Small Group in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. He will return to France and will be guitarist of the French group JOB for 4 before joining DiD 



Sophia Haze is a Belgian singer and guitarist. She started the guitar at the age of 13 before turning to singing at the age of 18, always passionate about jazz, she will follow a jazz vocal training in private. Sophia was previously part of the trio World Groove Lakura before starting her alternative rock solo project Sophia Haze in 2018. She was also bassist for indie rock band Siril before devoting herself fully to Delight In Disorder. His influences go through bossa nova, jazz fusion, stone rock, psychedelic rock, salsa, alternative rock and world music.






Bastien Chauvon began music at an early age. He learned percussion at a music academy and later decided to begin a professional career at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. He perfected himself in classical percussion and drums, all styles combined. Bastien plays in several countries, with musicians from various backgrounds, from classical to Latin music, from French song to humorous musical theatre, from funk, pop, punk, rock, to DID (delight un disorder). Bastien continues to enrich himself by practicing various styles of play, various styles of music, multiplying encounters and musical experiences.

Since adolescence, music has always occupied an immensely important place. However, it was only later that Laurent Soulasse began music, as an autodidact, first on the guitar and then on the bass. Laurent is a bassist in various blues rock, post punk and indie projects including Black Stone (blues rock-soul covers) Lash Box Unlimited (post punk - gothic rock songs) Gran Torino (blues rock - hard rock songs) Delaurean (progressive rock songs) . Laurent's main influences are Tom Waits, Black Label Society, Tool, Nin Inch Nails, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Christian Death, Killing Joke, Archive, Bonobo, …

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